In Tak Chang
CEO / President

Founded in 1991, J & J is a robust company with strong values and goals that meet the highest quality standards and the needs of over 100 customers across the country, enabling us to remain on the market for more than two decades. We meet the satisfaction of over 100 clients with our accurate, quick, and on time delivery. Due to our excellent service, we maintain good relationships with our clients, which include major and multinational companies in the free trade zone.

We strive to provide excellent products to meet the requirements of the market through the continuous efforts of our employees and the improvements of our production processes.

J & J is a company with a clear vision that recognizes the value of the human capital, in which we adhere to by maintaining a constant and rigorous training of our employees. We recognize that in them lies the future success of our operations.

We ensure that our company provides a harmonious working environment for all the employees, assuring that all operations are conducted in an enjoyable and enthusiastic atmosphere.

J & J also firmly believes that quality is the result of the highest performance, and thus we remain at the forefront of technology and utilize advanced machinery to offer high-quality products.

We thank our customers and suppliers for their loyalty to our company, which stimulates our growth and permanence in the market. We promise our continued growth through better service.